Dondena Gender Initiative

Coordinator: Paola Profeta


Gender is a central concept in modern societies. The promotion of gender equality and women’s empowerment is key for policymakers, and businesses are making it a higher priority.


The Dondena Gender Initiative (DGI) promotes research in all areas of gender economics, gender policies, and gender diversity management. The DGI carries out theoretical and empirical high-quality research with a strong policy impact. It is a major player in the policy and public debates on gender-related issues at the national and international levels. The DGI aims to promote gender equality in the economic and social spheres through rigorous scientific methodologies.


The DGI was launched in January 2015 with aim of collecting and promoting all types of research conducted at Bocconi University related to gender issues.


The goal of the DGI is to be a reference point for scholars worldwide who are interested in gender issues. This will be achieved through the organization of workshops, seminars, and short visiting periods for researchers interested in the analysis of gender-related economic and social phenomena, with a particular emphasis on policy implications.


The DGI collaborates with national and international institutions, policymakers, private foundations, private companies, and associations with the aim of sharing views, data, initiatives, and research related to the female labor market and women’s empowerment.


Research covers the following areas: 

  • Gender gaps and inequalities: education, labour market, pensions, politics
  • Women’s decisions and the family
  • Gender and demographic dynamics
  • Gender culture and historical aspects
  • Women and politics
  • Women’s empowerment and the glass ceiling
  • Experimental evidence on gender gaps
  • Gender diversity in management and organization
  • Family policies and policies to promote gender equality, including child care, parental leaves, and tax design
  • Affirmative action and gender quotas in business and politics


Please contact Paola Profeta (paola.profeta@unibocconi.it) for more information about the DGI.




Bank of Italy

CHILD, Collegio Carlo Alberto, Turin

Ernst & Young

European Commission, DG Justice


La 27esima Ora

The Pink Cloud, Microsoft

Dipartimento Pari Opportunità, Presidenza Italiana Del Consiglio Dei Ministri 

UN Women

Unicredit & Universities Foundation

Valore D


At Bocconi

Topic and Plurality and Diversity Association, Bocconi Alumni Association

POB, Equal Opportunities Committee, Università Bocconi 



For Undergraduate Students at Bocconi: Course “Diversity Management and Policy” 
For Master and PhD Students at Bocconi: Course on “Gender and Family Policies
For Master and PhD students: Summer School on Gender Economics in Turin.
For Undergraduate, Graduate and High School students: The Pink Cloud, Microsoft. Three days of workshops and free training for women. 
For Italians: Corso di Perfezionamento in Pari Opportunità e Discriminazioni, Università degli Studi di Milano


European Commission, DG Justice, Gender Equality 
IMF Report 2015
OECD Gender Initiative 
United Nations Women Watch 
World Bank Gender 
World Economic Forum, Global Gender Gap Report
Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Women and Public Policy Program
Collegio Carlo Alberto, CHILD, Turin
American Economic Association, Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession (CSWEP) 
European Economic Association, Women in Economics (WinE)  
Royal Economic Society Women’s Committee 
Comité sobre la situación de la mujer en la economía (COSME)
Unicredit and University-UWIN Best Paper Award on Gender Economics

Global Gender Equality Constitutional Database, UN Women



Women Mean Business and Economic Growth project and new dataset
Boston Consulting Group on the glass ceiling 
Credit Suisse on Women in Senior Management 
McKinsey on Women Matter 
Valore D, association of large companies formed in Italy in order to support women’s leadership in the corporate world



In genere, Italian blog 
LA 27ESIMA ORA, Italian blog
Foro Eurolatino Americano de las Mujeres 
Fondazione Bellisario
Alessia Mosca/Donne
Clinton Foundation 
Pari o Dispare 
Professional Women Association 
Women For Expo 
30percent Club















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