Research Projects

ELENA—Experimenting flexible Labour tools for Enterprises by eNgaging men And women.


Female leadership in listed companies in Lombardy—Evaluating the introduction of board gender quotas in listed companies in Lombardy.


Women Mean Business and Economic Growth. Studying the gender balance on boards of directors of Italian companies.


Survey on managerial positions and female leadership—in collaboration with ALDAI

Research Partnership

UN Women

DGI  has established a partnership with UN Women related to the use in research of the new Global Gender Equality Constitutional Database (GECD) (learn more at http://constitutions.unwomen.org/en). 

Two papers by Bocconi students Smrithi Ganapathi and Francesca Rosso have been selected for presentation at the UN Women International Symposium on Gender, Law and Constitutions, United States Institute of Peace April 12-13, 2017, Washington DC. See the papers here:http://constitutions.unwomen.org/en/resources

Published Articles

Carta, F., and L. Rizzica (2017). Female employment and pre-kindergarten: On the unintended effects of an Italian reform, Journal of Public Economics (forthcoming). Winner paper of the 2015 IIPF Young Economists Award and the 2015 Prize in Memory of Maria Concetta Chiuri.

Galasso, V., Profeta, P., Pronzato, C., & Billari, F. (2017). Information and Women’s Intentions: Experimental Evidence About Child Care. European Journal of Population, 33(1), 109-128.

Casarico, A., Profeta, P., & Pronzato, C. D. (2016). On the Regional Labour Market Determinants of Female University Enrolment in Europe. Regional Studies, 50(6), 1036-1053.

M. Anelli and G. Peri. 2015. "Gender of Siblings and Choice of College Major," CESifo Economic Studies 61(1): 53-71.


A. Baltrunaite, A. Casarico, and P. Profeta. 2015. “Affirmative action and the power of the elderly,” CESifo Economic Studies 61(1): 148-164.


“The determinants of gender gaps”, a special volume edited by A. Casarico and P. Profeta. CESifo Economics Studies March 2015.

A. Aassve, G. Fuochi, and L. Mencarini, D. Mendola. 2015. “What is your couple type? Gender ideology, housework sharing, and babies,” Demographic Research 32: 835-858.


A. Aassve, G. Fuochi, and L. Mencarini. 2014. “Desperate housework: relative resources, time availability, economic dependency and gender ideology across Europe,” Journal of Family Issues 35 (8): 1000-1022.


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P. Profeta, L. Amidani Aliberti, A. Casarico, M. D’Amico, and A. Puccio. 2014. Women Directors. The Italian Way and Beyond. Palgrave MacMillan.


Working Papers

Bertocchi, G., and Bozzano, M. 2016. Origins and implications of family structure across Italian provinces in historical perspective. Dondena Working Paper No. 93.


Ferrari, G., V. Ferraro, P. Profeta, and C. Pronzata. 2016. Gender Quotas: Challenging the Boards, Performance and the Stock Market. Dondena Working Paper No. 92.


Campa, P., and M. Serafinelli. 2016. Politico-Economic Regimes and Attitudes: Female Workers Under State-Socialism. Dondena Working Paper No. 89.









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