Autumn 2008

Dondena Seminars - Regular Series

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Monday 22-Sep-08, 12.45 - Room N34 (Velodromo)
John Ermisch (ISER, University of Essex)
Dynamics of early cognitive and behavioural development


Monday 29-Sep-08, 12.45 - Room N34 (Velodromo)
Chiara Pronzato (Centro Dondena, Università Bocconi)
Comparing quasi-experimental designs and structural models for policy evaluation. The case of a reform of lone parental welfare


Monday 6-Oct-08, 12.45 - Room N34 (Velodromo)
Guido Alfani (ISE and Centro Dondena, Università Bocconi)
Building kinship. Long-term trends in formalisation of social ties


Monday 13-Oct-08, 12.45 - Room N34 (Velodromo)
Stephen Pudney (ISER, University of Essex)
If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands! Questionnaire design, survey process and econometric studies of satisfaction


Monday 20-Oct-08, 12.45 - Room N34 (Velodromo)
Wendy Sigle-Rushton (London School of Economics)
Identifying patterns of resilience using classification trees


Monday 27-Oct-08, 12.45 - Room N34 (Velodromo)
Victor Lapuente (University of Gothenburg)
Economic development, corruption and political regime: Do democracies always lead to good quality of government?


Monday 3-Nov-08, 12.45 - Room N26 (Velodromo)
Marco Albertini (Instituto Juan March)
The intergenerational transmission of inequality through inter-vivos transfers: does social class matter?


Monday 10-Nov-08, 12.45 - Room N26 (Velodromo)
Nathan Nunn (Harvard University)
Columbuss contribution to world population and urbanization: A natural experiment examining the introduction of potatoes


Monday 17-Nov-08, 12.45 - Room N32 (Velodromo) 
Tommy E. Murphy (IGIER and Centro Dondena, Università Bocconi)
When smaller families seem contagious: A spatial look at the French fertility decline using an agent-based simulation model


Monday 24-Nov-08, 12.45 - Room N32 (Velodromo)
Torkild Hovde Lyngstad (University of Oslo)
Fatherhood and crime: Do boys matter more?


Monday 1-Dec-08, 12.45 - Room N26 (Velodromo)
Emilia del Bono (ISER, University of Essex)
Intra-family resource allocations: A dynamic model of birth weight


Inquiries to: Tommy E. Murphy (seminar organiser) or Ilaria Fortuna (secretary of Centro Dondena)

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