Spring 2010

Dondena Seminars - Regular Series

Mondays, 12.45

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15-Mar-10 @ Room N35, Velodromo 
Paola Giuliano (Harvard University) 
Family values and the regulation of labor

22-Mar-10 @ Room N35, Velodromo 
Amy Hsin (Population Studies Center, University of Michigan) 
Is biology destiny? Birth weight and differential parental treatment 

29-Mar-10 @ Room N01, Velodromo 
Luis Miller (University of Oxford)
Group size and decision rules in multilateral bargaining 


12-Apr-10 @ Room N36, Velodromo 
Maarten Bosker (Groningen University / Utrecht University)
City seeds: The geographical origins of European cities

19-Apr-10 @ Room N36, Velodromo ~CANCELLED DUE TO VOLCANIC ERUPTION~
Francesca Francavilla (PSI - University of Westminster) 
School Attendance of Children and the Work of Mothers: A Joint Multilevel Analysis for India

26-Apr-10 @ Room N36, Velodromo 
Bruce Campbell (Queen's University Belfast) 
Panzootics, pandemics, and climatic anomalies in the Middle Ages

3-May-10, Time TBC 

10-May-10 @ Room N36, Velodromo 
Sam Bowles (Santa Fe Institute) 
The intergenerational transmission of wealth and the dynamics of wealth inequality: from pre-history to the knowledge-based economy 

17-May-10 @ Room N36, Velodromo 
Paul Jackson (Edith Cowan University) 
Modelling the transactive memory of online communities 

24-May-10 @ Room N36, Velodromo 
Vegard Skirbekk (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis) 
Education and the rising reproductive cost of maintaining status 

31-May-10 @ Room A, Via Sarfatti 25
Tim Guinnane (Yale University) 
The fertility transition and long-run growth: a guide for economists 

7-Jun-10 @ Room N36, Velodromo ~CHANGE OF TIME: THIS SEMINAR WILL TAKE PLACE AT 11.00~ 
Zacharias Maniadis (Universit√† Bocconi) 
Reexamining arbitrariness in the valuation of goods and lotteries

14-Jun-10 @ Room N36, Velodromo
Francesco D'Amuri (Banca d'Italia)
The intended and uninteded consequences of a stricter policy on absenteeism in the public sector


Inquiries to: Tommy E. Murphy (seminar organiser) or Ilaria Fortuna (secretary of Centro Dondena)

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