Programme and Papers


Sunday, January 9
6.30 pm Plenary section & Welcome Drink
Alberto Alesina, Yann Algan, Pierre Cahuc and Paola Giuliano Family ties and the regulation of labor


Monday, January 10

8.45-10.15 Paper section
Martin Ljunge Sick of the Welfare State? Adaptation in the Demand for Social Insurance
Francesco Figari, Alari Paulus and Holly Sutherland Measuring the size and impact of public cash support for children in cross-national perspective
3.30-4.00pm Welcome back coffee
4.00-6.15pm Paper section
Paulo Júlio and José Tavares The Good, the Bad, and the Different: Can Gender Quotas Raise the Quality of Politicians?
Angela Luci and Olivier Thevenon Do fertility trends respond to family policies in OECD countries?
Hans Fehr ,Manuel Kallweit, and Fabian Kindermann Household Formation, Female Labor Supply and Savings
6.15-7.30pm Poster section & Aperitif
Giovanni Mastrobuoni Earnings, Productivity and Early Retirement
Patrizia Farina, Stefania Rimoldi Are migrants climbing the mountain? The role of international immigration in the Italian Alps
Paola Profeta, Vincenzo Galasso When the State Mirrors the Family: The Design of Pension Systems
Giulia Rivellini, Susanna Zaccarin Support and social networks in Italian young family keepers
Elisabetta De Cao HIV prevalence estimation in the presence of missing data: a bounding approach
François Peglow Changing Life Cycles and Challenges for Pension Policies - Evidence from OECD Countries


Tuesday, January 11

8.45-10.15 Plenary section
Jere R. Behrman, Hans Peter Kohler, Jason Schnittker Social Science Methods for Twins Data: Integrating Causality, Endowments and Heritability
3.30-4.00pm Welcome back Coffee
4.00-6.15pm Paper section
Guy Stecklov Terror in the Bedroom: Terror Attacks and Births in Israel from 2000-2006
Kelly Ragan The Role of Culture in Contraception Demand
I. Kauppinen, P. Poutvaara Preferences for Redistribution among Emigrants from a Welfare State
6.15-7.30pm Poster section & Aperitif
Lara P. Tavares, A. Aassve Unions formation and dissolution and psychological well-being
Jonathan Fox Public Health Movements, Local Poor Relief and Child Mortality in American Cities: 1923-1932
Nicola Barban Immigrants' children's transition to secondary school in Italy
Elisabetta De Cao The Height Production Function from Birth to Early Adulthood
Magali Mazuy, Emma Davie Fertility and educational level in France, 2000-2008
Alessandra Casarico, Chiara Pronzato and Paola Profeta Great Expectations: the Determinants of Female University Enrolment in Europe


Wednesday, January 12

8.45-10.15 Paper section
M. Myrskyla, J. Goldstain. E. Zagheni Recent Rises in Cohort Fertility in the Industrialized World: Using Bayesian Methods to Extrapolate Trends while Preserving
Roman Zakharenko Children Versus Ideas: an "Influential" Theory of Demographic Transition
3.30-4.00pm Welcome back Coffee
4.00-6.15pm Paper section
Hans Peter Kohler and Iliana Kohler Why the Married Live Longer: Evidence on the Selection versus Protection Effect of Marriage using Fixed-effect Survival Models
Pearl Dykstra and Niels Schenk Continuity and change in intergenerational family relationships
Andrew Fenelon and Mikko Myrskyla The Complex Relationship between Maternal Age and Offspring Adult Health
6.15-7.30pm Poster section & Aperitif
C. Pronzato, A. Aassve Resources in the Extended Family: Grandparents, Grandchildren, and Consequent Fertility Decisions
Evangelos M. Falaris and Thuan Quang Thai The Effect of Child Health on Schooling: Evidence from Rural Vietnam
Francesco Billari, Arnie Aassve Trust and Fertility
Alice Goisis and Tommaso Reggiani The credit crunch and fertility in the United Kingdom
Nicoletta Balbo and Melinda Mills The influence of the family network on the realization of fertility intentions
A. Paihlé, A. Solaz , N. Robette Work and family over the life-course: a typology of couples


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