The EINITE Database

     The EINITE database will include measures of economic inequality across Italy and Europe from the Middle Ages to the eve of the Industrial Revolution. Our longest time series will cover the whole period from the 14th century (pre-Black Death) to the early 19th century. The archive sources we use are mostly property tax records, like the Italian estimi.

     The measures of inequality we will provide include Gini and Theil indexes, deciles, quartiles, top 5% and top 1%, plus a large number of institutional, geographic, and social-economic variables for each community. The data will be arranged per community and per year.

     The final version of the database will be made public as soon as the cleaning of the data for all the areas covered by the project is completed. Specific sub-sections of the database, and particularly those that have already been the object of publications, are ready and available upon request to the P.I.
















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