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This Meta-Working Paper series lists working papers on the history of economic inequality published in official working papers series worldwide. Only contributions written in English and published online since 2010 are included. Papers concerning the period from 1950 until today are included only if they cover at least 40 years of history. If you prefer your paper be removed from the list, or to suggest the inclusion of a paper, please email: guido.alfani@unibocconi.it.

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Title Author Period Covered Publication Date
Inheritance Flows in Switzerland, 1911-2011 Bruhlart, Dupertuis 1911-2011 4/25/16
The Accumulation, Inheritance, and Concentration of Wealth during the Gilded Age: An Exception to Thomas Piketty’s Analysis Sutch 1870-1817 1/25/16
Inequality and the working class in Scandinavia 1800 to 1910 - Workers' share of growing income Bengtsson 1800-1910 1/12/16
What is the Contribution of Intra-household Inequality to Overall Income Inequality? Evidence from Global Data, 1973-2013 Malghan, Swaminathan 1973-2013 1/8/16
The paradox of land reform, inequality and local development in Colombia Faguet, Sanches, Villaveces 1961-2010 1/7/16
The regional dispersion of income inequality in nineteenth-century Norway Modalsli 1814-1900 1/6/16
Regional human capital inequality in Europe in the long run, 1850–2010 Diebolt, Hippe 1850-2010 1/6/16
Inequality and the New Deal Belabed 1913-1941 1/5/16
Intergenerational mobility in the very long run: Florence 1427-2011 Barone, Mocetti 1427-2011 1/4/16
Income Distribution in Prewar Japan Okazaki 1885-1940 1/4/16
The rich in historical perspective. Evidence for preindustrial Europe (ca. 1300-1800) Alfani 1300-1800 1/3/16
Explaining regional inequality from the periphery: The Mexican case, 1900-2000 Retureta 1900-2000 1/3/16
Comparing Income and Wealth Inequality in Pre-Industrial Economies: Lessons from 18th-Century Spain Nicolini, Ramos Palencia 1750 1/3/16
The Effect of a Massive Wage Push on Income Distribution and Employment. Evidence from the 1920 Eight-Hour Workday Reform in Sweden and Its Aftermath Bengtsson, Molinder 1910-1929 1/1/16




Title Author(s) Period Covered Publication Date
Income distribution in rural Buenos Aires, 1839-1867 Bértola, Gelman, Such 1839-1867 12/1/15
The One-Percent across Two Centuries: A Replication of Thomas Piketty’s Data on the Distribution of Wealth for the United States Sutch 1810-2010 12/1/15
Family Patterns and Social Inequality among Children in the United States 1940-2012: A Re-assessment Fahey 1940-2012 12/7/15
Capital shares and income inequality: Evidence from the long run Bengtsson, Waldenstrom 1870-2000 12/1/15
A closer look at the long-term patterns of regional income inequality in Spain: the poor stay poor (and stay together) Tirado-Fabregat, Diez-Minguela , Martinez-Galarraga 1860-2010 10/1/15
Gender income disparity in the USA: analysis and dynamic modelling Kitov, Kitov 1930-2014 10/1/15
Wealth-income ratios in a small, late-industrializing, welfare-state economy: Sweden, 1810–2014 Waldenstrom 1810-2014 10/1/15
The Political Economy of the Top 1% in an Age of Turbulence: Chile 1913-1973 Weber 1913-1973 9/1/15
The evolution of wealth inequality over half a century: the role of skills, taxes and institutions Poschke, Kaymak 1960-2010 9/1/15
What Drives Inequality? Wisman 1950-2013 9/1/15
Was there a ‘Little Convergence’ in inequality? Italy and the Low Countries compared, ca. 1500-1800 Alfani, Ryckbosch 1500-1800 9/1/15
Income Distribution and the Great Depression Belabed 1978-2011 6/1/15
Convergence in Income Inequality: Further Evidence from the Club Clustering Methodology across the U.S. States Apergis, Christou, Gupta, Miller 1929-2009 6/1/15
Land Access Inequality and Education in Pre-industrial Spain Beltrán Tapia, Martínez-Galarraga 1860 5/22/15
Income inequality in China: Testing the Kuznets Hypothesis with National Time Series and Provincial Panel Data 1978-2011 Cheng, Wu 1978-2011 5/1/15
Income inequality in Chile since 1850 Rodríguez, Weber 1850-2009 4/1/15
Historical   Patterns   of   Gender   Inequality   in   Latin  America:   New Evidence Camou 1940-2000 4/1/15
A spectre has haunted the west: did socialism discipline income inequality? Albuquerque Sant'Anna 1960-2010 4/1/15
Changing Income Inequality and Structural Transformation The Case of Botswana 1921-2010 Hillbom, Bolt 1921-2010 3/1/15
Long-term trends in income distribution a global perspective Obst 1960-2012 2/1/19
Persistence vs. Reversal and Agglomeration Economies vs. Natural Resources. Regional inequality in Argentina in the first half of the twentieth century Aráoz, Nicolini 1914-1953 05/01/15
Inequality and poverty in a developing economy: Evidence from regional data (Spain, 1860-1930) Beltran Tapia, Martinez-Galarrage 1860-1930 05/01/15
National income and its distribution in preindustrial Poland in a global perspective Malinowski, Van Zanden 1410-1910 05/01/15
Regional income distribution in Mexico: new long-term evidence, 1895-2010 Aguilar-Retureta 1895–2010 04/01/15
Functional Inequality in Latin America: News from the Twentieth Century Astorga 1900-2011 04/01/15
Industrial Structure, Prefectural Inequality, and Convergence in Pre-war Japan (1874-1940) Settsu 1874-1940 02/01/15
The Income Distribution in the UK: A Picture of Advantage and Disadvantage Jenkins 1961-2013 02/01/15
Latin American Inequality: Colonial Origins, Commodity Booms, or a Missed 20th Century Leveling? Williamson 1492-2013 01/01/15
A Colonial Legacy of African Gender Inequality? Evidence from Christian Kampala, 1895-2011 Meier zu Selhausen, Weisdorf 1895-2011 01/01/15
Private Wealth in a Developing Country: A South African Perspective on Piketty Orthofer 1970-2010 1/1/15




Title Author(s) Period Covered Publication Date
Economic inequality and poverty in the very long run: The case of the Florentine State (late thirteenth-early nineteenth centuries) Alfani, Ammannati 1200-1800 12/30/14
What Do We Know About Evolution of Top Wealth Shares in the United States? Kopczuk 1913-2013 12/01/14
Cooperating against Inequality? War and commons in Renaissance Lombardy Di Tullio 1476-1559 12/01/2014
Economic inequality and growth before the industrial revolution: A case study of the Low Countries (14th-19th centuries) Ryckbosch 1300-1800 11/01/14
Wealth Inequality in the United States since 1913: Evidence from Capitalized Income Tax Data Saez, Zucman 1913-2013 10/01/2014
Inequality and Wealth Creation in Ancient History: Malthus' Theory Reconsidered Svizzero, Tisdell   9/1/14
Inherited wealth over the path of development: Sweden, 1810–2010 Ohlsson, Roine, Waldenstrom 1810-2010 08/01/14
Inequality is bad for growth of the poor (but not for that of the rich) van der Weide, Milanovic 1960-2010 07/01/14
Wealth and Inheritance in the Long Run Piketty, Zucman 1750-2013 07/01/14
Long run trends in the distribution of income and wealth Roine, Waldenstrom 1870-2010 04/01/14
Economic inequality in northwestern Italy: A long-term view (fourteenth to eighteenth centuries) Alfani 1300-1800 03/01/14
The Wages of Women in England, 1260-1850 Humphries, Weisdorf 1260-1850 03/01/14
The colonial legacy Atkinson 1917-1990 02/01/14
Gender Discrimination in Property Rights Casari, Lisciandra 1200-1900 01/01/14
Inequality and biological welfare during the mining boom: Rio Tinto, 1836-1935 Martínez-Carrión, Pérez de Perceval Verde, Soto 1836-1935 01/01/14
Evolution of Land Distribution in West Bengal 1967-2004: Role of Land Reform and Demographic Changes Bardhan, Luca, Mookherjee, Pino 1967-2004 01/01/14
Global interpersonal inequality : trends and measurement Niño-Zarazúa, Roope, Tarp 1975-2005 01/01/14
American colonial incomes 1650-1774 Lindert, Williamson 1650-1774 01/01/14



Title Author(s) Period Covered Publication Date
East of Eden: Polish living standards in a European perspective, ca. 1500-1800 Malinowski 1500-1800 01/06/13
Surnames and social mobility: England 1230-2012 Clark, Cummins 1230-2012 11/01/13
Wealth and Inheritance in Britain from 1896 to the Present Atkinson 1896-2006 11/01/13
Top Wealth Shares in Australia 1915-2012 Katic 1915-2012 08/01/13
Inequality from a global perspective: An alternative approach Edward, Summers   08/01/13
Inequality (un)perceived: The emergence of a discourse on economic inequality from the Middle Ages to the Age of Revolutions Alfani, Frigeni 1100-1830 07/01/13
Russian Serfdom, Emancipation, and Land Inequality: New Evidence Nafziger 1858-1905 05/01/13
The top 1 percent in International and Historical Perspective Alvaredo, Atkinson, Piketty, Saez 1913-2011 05/01/13
If Technology Has Arrived Everywhere, Why Has Income Diverged? Comin, Mestieri 1820-2000 04/01/13
The First Great Divergence and the Evolution of Cross-Country Income Inequality during the Last Millennium: the Role of Institutions and Culture Madsen, Yan 950-1850 03/01/13
The long-run history of income inequality in Denmark: Top incomes from 1870 to 2010 Atkinson, Søgaard 1870-2010 02/01/13



Title Author(s) Period Covered Publication Date
Coping with regional inequality in Sweden : structural change, migrations and policy, 1860-2000 Enflo, Roses 1860-2000 10/01/12
The long-term patterns of regional income inequality in Spain (1860-2000) Rosés, Tirado, Galarraga 1860-2000 10/01/12
Financial Reforms and Income Inequality Agnello, Mallick, Sousa 1973-2005 10/01/12
American incomes 1774-1860 Lindert, Williamson 1774-1860 09/01/12
Land Markets and Inequality: Evidence from Medieval England Bekar, Reed 1086-1280 05/01/12
Wealth and inequality in Italy d'Alessio 1965-2010 02/01/12
The development of inequality and poverty in Indonesia, 1932-1999 Leeuwen, Foldvari 1932-1999 01/01/12



Title Author(s) Period Covered Publication Date
Inequality of Wealth in the Ottoman Empire: War, Weather, and Long-term Trends in Eighteenth Century Kastamonu Cosgel, Ergene 1713-1802 12/01/11
Intergenerational inequalities since baby-boom Clerc, Monso, Pouliquen 1960-2010 11/01/11
Global inequality: from class to location, from proletarians to migrants Milanovic, Branko   09/01/11
Real wages at the Cape of Good Hope: A long-term perspective, 1652-1912 de Zwart 1652-1912 08/01/11
Wage Inequality and the Labor Market Impact of Economic Transformation: Croatia, 1970-2008 Hoffman 1970-2008 08/01/11
The rise and fall of income inequality in Latin America Gasparini, Lustig   08/01/11
Economic crises and Inequalities Atkinson, Morelli 1910-2010 07/01/11
A History With Evidence: Income inequality in the Dutch Cape Colony Fourie, von Fintel 1700-1757 04/01/11
Inequality and growth in the very long run: inferring inequality from data on social groups Modalsli, Jørgen 1 - 1947 02/01/11
The Long Trace of Inequality: Evidence from Cundinamarca, Colombia Galán 1879-2005 02/01/11
The inequality trap. A comparative analysis of social spending between 1880 and 1933 Espuelas 1880-1933 01/01/11
African Real Wages in Asian Perspective, 1880-1940 Frankema, van Waijenburg 1880-1940 01/01/11



Title Author(s) Period Covered Publication Date
Poverty, Population, Inequality, and Development: the Historical Perspective Chilosi 1820-2001 12/01/10
The Fruit of the Vine? An Augmented Endowments-Inequality Hypothesis and the Rise of an Elite in the Cape Colony Fourie, Johan, von Fintel, Dieter 1663-1773 11/01/10
Income inequality in central Spain, 1690-1800 Caballero 1690-1800 10/01/10
Main Characteristics of the Hungarian Income Inequality as Shown by the Data of the Income Surveys Carried out by the CSO in the Last Half Century Elteto, Havasi 1959-2004 10/01/10
Violent Conflict and Inequality Bircan, Brück, Vothknecht 1960-2005 05/01/10

















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