The Dondena Center for Research on Social Dynamics and Public Policy, in partnership with the Department Department for Equal Opportunities - Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers, has won an EC – DG Justice competition for research on “equal economic independence of women and men”. The winning project, “E.L.E.N.A. “Experimenting flexible Labour tools for Enterprises by eNgaging men And women,” will focus on the role of flexible working arrangements and the use of parental leave by men.


The objective is to assess whether there are positive outcomes for both men and women workers, who through such arrangements would enjoy a better work-life balance, and for companies, which would benefit from increased productivity and retained talent. An innovative pilot experiment of new working arrangements in a large Italian company, to be identified within the framework of the project, will be performed, to assess for the first time the causal link between flexible working arrangements and outcomes for the project’s target groups.


The €370,000 project will last 2 years. It will be coordinated at the Dondena Centre by Paola Profeta, under the umbrella of the Dondena Gender Initiative.



Download the ELENA project brochure.

Download the Kick-off Presentation by Paola Profeta.

Download the Kick-off event program.



Lavoro agile, convegno di presentazione del progetto europeo E.L.E.N.A. by cliclavoro. April 12, 2016. 

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