Research Projects

  • European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, 2017

The Dondena's Welfare State and Taxation Unit is part of the consortium that was awarded a Multiple Framework Contract for the provision of services related to the implementation of better regulation guidelines in the labour market.

  • Eupolis, Regionalismo differenziato e risorse finanziarie, 2017

The Dondena's Welfare State and Taxation Unit was selected to perform a research project on a quantitative assessment of financial resources necessary to strengthen regional autonomy in Lombardy.

  • European Commission, DG Taxud, "Measuring aggressive tax planning," 2016.

Dondena is participating in a research group that will deliver a report on the measurement of aggressive tax planning. Partners include IHS, Vienna and CPB, The Netherlands. The €115,000 project will last for 13 months.

  •  European Commission, DG Taxud, "Literature review on Taxation, entrepreneurship and collaborative economy”, 2016

Dondena is leading a research group which will deliver a report on the effects of taxation on entrepreneurial activity and the collaborative economy. The partners are IEB, Spain, CASE, Poland and PwC, UK. The project is worth 216000 euros and will last for 10 months. Preliminary results of this research project were presented at the EU Commission-IMF Fiscal Affairs Department conference on "Taxation, investment and innovation: a triptych for balanced growth" in November 2016 in Brussels. More details on the conference and presentations can be found here.

  • European Commission, DG Taxud, Framework Contract “Provision of Economic Analysis in the area of Taxation”, 2015

Dondena's Welfare State and Taxation Unit is part of the consortium that in 2015 was awarded a 4-year Framework contract. The consortium is lead by IHS, Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna. Other partners include Case, Poland; CPB, The Netherlands; DIW, Germany; ETLA, Finland; IEB, Spain; IFS, UK; ISER, UK; IPP, France; PwC.

Recent Publications




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