Alberto Dondena Lecture 2011

Aging Is Not Only about Old People

Welcome Address: Guido Tabellini, Rector, Bocconi University

Guest Speaker: Pearl Dykstra, Professor of Empirical Sociology, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Session chair: Vincenzo Galasso, Director Dondena Centre

12 May 2011 2:30 pm Room N35, Velodromo

Debates on ageing societies predominantly focus on the circumstances of the elderly. A change of focus is needed, however

First, population aging is about more than the elderly. The young and middle-aged should also be considered.

Second, the new demographic circumstances in which multiple generations of family members share several decades together compel us to consider crucial interdependencies between family generations, which are built and reinforced by social policies. The typical portrayal of the elderly is that they are a drain on financial and care resources, and that they are an overwhelmingly lonely group.

These often-held assumptions about the elderly should be challenged.

Pearl Dykstra is Professor of Empirical Sociology, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Director of the Netherlands Kinship Panel.



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