International Divorce Conference

9th Meeting of the European Network on Divorce Research


The "International Divorce Conference" takes a broad view of studies on divorce (causes, consequences, theoretical and empirical perspectives), including contributions fro Economics, Demography, Sociology, Psychology, Child Development, Anthropology and various historical perspectives.

The Conference will also have a special focus on comparative perspectives of divorce.



Thursday, October 27
9.30 am Welcome Addresses and Introduction


Arnstein Aassve (Università Bocconi)

Frank F. Furstenberg (University of Pennsylvania)

Kathleen Kiernan

Fragile Families Beyond Divorce


10.30 am Coffee Break
11.00 am Session 1 Divorce and Separation from a Cross-national Perspective
A. Kaplan, H. Stier Political economy of family life: institutional settings, economic resources and divorce
J. Dronkers, M. De Lange Increasing negative effects of single-parenthood on educational outcomes by higher single parenthood-levels? A comparison of PISA 2000,2003 and 2009
D. Vignoli, A. Matysiak, M. Styrc Changing education gradient in marital disruption: a meta-analysis of thirty years of research in Europe
12.30 am Lunch (buffet)
2.00 pm Session 2 Trends and Determinants of Separation and Divorce in National Context
E. Bukodi Does serial cohabitation predict subsequent marital instability among British men and women?
M. Gähler, J. Härkönen Intergenerational transmission of Divorce: the Swedish trend
G. Gualtieri, A. Guarneri, C. Iaccarino Dissolution of couples in Italy: a cohort approach
3.30 pm

 Coffee Break

4 pm S. Kennedy, S. Ruggles Trends in divorce and union instability in the United States; 1980s-2000s
J. Raymo, S. Fukuda, M. Iwasawa Educational differences in divorce in Japan
L. Mencarini, D. Vignoli Couples' union disruption in Italy
S. Marcassa Divorce laws and divorce rate in the U.S
6 pm Aperitivo POSTER SESSION 1
8 pm Dinner at RistoBocconi
Friday, October 28
9.30 am Marcy Carlson Fathers Unequal: Men as Partners and Parents in an Era of Rapid Family Change
10.30 am Coffee Break


11 am Session 3 National and Cross-national Perspectives of Separation and Divorce
L.P. Cooke et al. Labor and love: Employment effects on dissolution risk in 11 countries
D. Bellani, G. Esping-Andersen Applying a Multiple Equilibrium Framework to Divorce Risks in Germany
E. Mäenpää, M. Jalovaara The effects of homogamy in socioeconomic background and education on union dissolution: divergent effects in cohabitations and marriages
E. A. Uglanova Inter-individual differences in adaptation to divorce (latent class approach): comparative analysis of West Germany and Russia
1 pm Lunch Buffet
2.30 pm Session 4  Adaptations to Separation and Divorce
M. Albertini, et al. Moving back to 'mamma'? Divorce and intergenerational co-residence in Sweden
K. Bastaits Being a father after divorce: parenting styles of divorced fathers
L. Raz-Yurovich Divorce penalty or divorce premium? A longitudinal analysis of the consequences of divorce for men's and women's economic activity
4 pm Coffee Break
4.30 Session 5 Consequences of Separation and Divorce
S. Kanji, P. Schober Relationship dissolution of first time parents: mother's relative earnings and father's participation in childcare
S. K. Westphal, A. R. Poortman, T. Van Der Lippe Empirical trends in nonresident father-child contact in the Netherlands: the role of father involvement during marriage
R. Lacey Parental separation and adult psychological distress: evidence for the reduced effect: hypothesis?
6 pm Aperitivo POSTER SESSION 2
Saturday, October 29
9.30 am Timothy Smeeding The Comparative Economic and Social Effects of Divorce
10.30 am Coffee Break
11 am Session 6 The Impact of Divorce on Children's Development and Life Chances
M. Kreidl, M. Stípková The changing consequences of parental divorce for college entry Europe: a longitudinal and comparative perspective
W. Sigle-Rushton, T.H. Lyngstad, P.L. Andersen Better late or never? Parents' union dissolution and children's educational achievement
J. Turunen Adolescent school outcomes after birth of half-sibling
M. Jappens, J. Van Bavel Parental divorce and contacts between grandchildren and grandparents
1 pm Closing Comments

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