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Political Distrust in Europe: The Impact of Immigration and the Global Economic Crisis

Working Paper No: 102

Unit: Population Dynamics and Health,Politics and Institutions

Author(s): Anne-Marie Jeannet

Year: 2017

Do Rich Parents Enjoy Children Less?

Working Paper No: 101

Unit: Population Dynamics and Health

Author(s): Marco Le Moglie, Letizia Mencarini, Chiara Rapallini

Year: 2017

Political Contributions and Public Procurement: Evidence from Lithuania

Working Paper No: 100

Unit: Welfare State and Taxation,Politics and Institutions

Author(s): Audinga Baltrunaite

Year: 2017

Demand and Supply of Populism

Working Paper No: 099

Unit: Politics and Institutions

Author(s): Luigi Guiso, Helios Herrera, Massimo Morelli, Tommaso Sonno

Year: 2017

The Work-Family Balance: Making Men and Women Happy

Working Paper No: 98

Author(s): Francesca Luppi, Letizia Mencarini, Sarah Grace See,

Year: 2017

New research guidelines for living standards, consumer baskets, and prices in Madrid and Mexico

Working Paper No: 97

Unit: Population Dynamics and Health

Author(s): Andrés Calderón-Fernández, Héctor García-Montero, Enrique Llopis-Agelán

Year: 2017

Income inequality and redistribution in the aftermath of the 2007-2007 crisis: the US case

Working Paper No: 96

Unit: Welfare State and Taxation

Author(s): Vanda Almeida

Year: 2016

Social Mobility and Higher-Education Policy

Working Paper No: 95

Unit: Welfare State and Taxation

Author(s): Elisa S. Brezis, Joel Hellier

Year: 2016

The Cultural Drivers of Subjective Well-Being

Working Paper No: 93

Unit: Population Dynamics and Health

Author(s): Pierluigi Conzo, Arnstein Aassve, Giulia Fuochi, Letizia Mencarini

Year: 2016

Origins and implications of family structure across Italian provinces in historical perspective

Working Paper No: 94

Unit: Dondena Gender Initiative

Author(s): Graziella Bertocchi, Monica Bozzano

Year: 2016

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