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Land Reform and Violence: Evidence from Mexico

Working Paper No: 72

Author(s): Tommy E. Murphy, Martín A. Rossi

Year: 2015

Dinamiche di lungo periodo della disuguaglianza in Italia settentrionale: una nota di ricerca

Working Paper No: 71

Unit: Population Dynamics and Health

Author(s): Guido Alfani, Matteo Di Tullio

Year: 2015

Economic inequality and poverty in the very long run: The case of the Florentine State

Working Paper No: 70

Author(s): Guido Alfani, Francesco Ammannati

Year: 2014

Cooperating against inequality? War and commons in Renaissance Lombardy

Working Paper No: 69

Author(s): Matteo Di Tullio

Year: 2014

Consequences of a universal European demographic transition on regional and global population distributions

Working Paper No: 68

Author(s): Vegard Skirbekk, Marcin Stonawski, Guido Alfani

Year: 2014

Concentration in survival times and longevity: The log-scale-location family of failure time models

Working Paper No: 66

Author(s): Chiara Gigliarano, Ugofilippo Basellini, Marco Bonetti

Year: 2014

Misurare la diseguaglianza economica nell’età preindustriale: un confronto fra realtà dell’Italia centro-settentrionale

Working Paper No: 65

Author(s): Francesco Ammannati, Davide De Franco, Matteo Di Tullio

Year: 2014

Gender differences in exposure to more instruction time. Evidence from Italy.

Working Paper No: 64

Author(s): Elena Claudia Meroni, Giovanni Abbiati

Year: 2014

No News, Big News. The political consequences of entertainment TV

Working Paper No: 63

Author(s): Ruben Durante, Paolo Pinotti, Andrea Tesei

Year: 2014

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