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The height production function from birth to early adulthood

Working Paper No: 43

Author(s): Elisabetta De Cao

Year: 2011

When the first union comes to an end: Is it less distressing if we were cohabiting?

Working Paper No: 42

Author(s): Lara Patrício Tavares, Arnstein Aassve

Year: 2011

Social customs and demographic change: The case of godparenthood in Catholic Europe

Working Paper No: 40

Author(s): Guido Alfani, Vincent Gourdon, Agnese Vitali

Year: 2011

Classifying life course trajectories: A comparison of latent class and sequence analysis

Working Paper No: 41

Author(s): Nicola Barban, Francesco Billari

Year: 2011

Family trajectories and health. A life course perspective

Working Paper No: 39

Author(s): Nicola Barban

Year: 2011

Grandparenting and childbearing in the extended family

Working Paper No: 38

Author(s): Arnstein Aassve, Elena Meroni, Chiara Pronzato

Year: 2011

Grandparenting and mothers' labour force participation: A comparative analysis using the Generations and Gender Survey

Working Paper No: 36

Author(s): Arnstein Aassve, Bruno Arpino, Alice Goisis

Year: 2011

A wiki for social workers in a local health authority: An actor-network analysis and seed design

Working Paper No: 35

Author(s): Marisa Ponti, Stefano Renzi, Jane Klobas

Year: 2010

Re-examining coherent arbitrariness for the evaluation of common goods and simple lotteries

Working Paper No: 34

Author(s): Drew Fudenberg, David K. Levine, Zacharias Maniadis

Year: 2010

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