Population Dynamics and Health Unit

Coordinator: Guido Alfani

Population dynamics and health are central pillars of Dondena activities—and have been since it began in 2006. The unit now spans population dynamics, global health, epidemiology, historical demography, and family sociology. It hosts several ERC projects, and has taken part in several collaborative FP7 projects in the past. PDH undertakes extensive international research collaboration across the globe.

Research covers the following areas:

  • Inequality, wealth and income distribution, stratification, and social mobility
  • Economic and social history, and historical demography
  •  Epidemiology (disease spread and prevention, social dynamics and epidemics, sexual and reproductive health, and social differentials in health outcomes)
  • Childhood, youth, and the transition to adulthood
  • Forecasting and projections
  • Gender and family demography
  • Culture, institutions, and demographic change
  • Attitudes, social norms, religion, and values
  • Family policy, gender, and wellbeing
  • Global and public health


Please contact Guido Alfani for more information on the activities of the PDH unit.



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