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Current ERC Grants        


SPOILS OF WAR - The Economic Consequences of the Great War in Central Europe, ERC Horizon 2020 Starting Grant

DISCONT - Discontinuities in Household and Familty Formation, ERC Advanced Grant 2017-2022


DECIDE - The impact of DEmographic Changes on Infectious DisEases transmission and control in middle/low income countries, ERC Starting Grant 2012-2017


HRES - Health Resilience and Economic Shocks: Analysis of Quasi-Natural Experiments Using Multi-Level Modelling, ERC Starting Grant 2012

IFAMID - Institutional Family Demography, ERC Advanced Grant 2016-2021


INTERACT - INTerEthnic Relationships in contemporary CommuniTies: How does ethnoracial diversity affect in- and outgroup trust, solidarity, and cooperation, ERC Starting Grant 2016-2021


SMITE - Social Mobility and Inequality across Italy and Europe, 1300-1800, ERC Consolidator Grant


SWELLFER - Subjective Well-Being & Fertility, ERC Starting Grant 2013-2019


Other Current Research Grants

ATIAS - Attitudes towards Immigration in Ageing Societies, Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), September 2016-August 2018  


AXA Postdoctoral Fellowship - Adolescent substance assessment of risk factors and existing policies in a comparative perspective, AXA Research Fund 2013-2017, AXA Research Fund 2013-2017


ELENA - Experimenting flexible Labour tools for Enterprises by engagiNg men And woman,  EU 2016-2018, EU 2016-2018


Garantire pari opportunità nella scelta dei percorsi scolastici, Fondazione Cariplo 2016


FINRES - Local government Financial Resilience: an international perspective. The cases of Austria, Italy, UK and US, Cima Global 2016-2017


LExEM - Laboratory of Excellence for Epidemiology and Modeling (LExEM): Facing the introduction and spread of Invasive Alien Species (IAS) into the territory of the Autonomous Province of Trento, 2013-2017

NetHealth - Immigrants’ social network and the transmission of health-related behaviors and outcomes, Fondazione Cariplo 2017 - 2018

Political Disaffection in Europe’s Rust Belt Regions —  Early Career Grant from the Regional Studies Association

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