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Smart-working: Work Flexibility Without Constraints

Working Paper No: 137

Author(s): Marta Angelici , Paola Profeta,

Year: 2020

Robots, Labor Markets, and Family Behavior

Working Paper No: 136

Unit: Welfare State and Taxation

Author(s): Massimo Anelli, Osea Giuntella, Luca Stella

Year: 136

The Deep Roots of Inequality

Working Paper No: 135

Unit: Population Dynamics and Health

Author(s): Yuzuru Kumon

Year: 2019

Employment Uncertainty and Fertility Intentions: Stability or Resilience?

Working Paper No: 134

Unit: Population Dynamics and Health

Author(s): Arianna Gatta, Francesco Mattioli, Letizia Mencarini, Daniele Vignoli

Year: 2019

Women, Local Public Finance and Fiscal Adjustment

Working Paper No: 133

Unit: Welfare State and Taxation,Dondena Gender Initiative

Author(s): Alessandra Casarico, Salvatore Lattanzio, Paola Profeta

Year: 2019

Gender Gaps in Education

Working Paper No: 132

Unit: Dondena Gender Initiative

Author(s): Graziella Bertocchi, Monica Bozzano

Year: 2019

Fathers’ involvement in the family, fertility and maternal employment: Evidence from Central and Eastern Europe

Working Paper No: 131

Unit: Population Dynamics and Health,Dondena Gender Initiative

Author(s): Ester Fanelli, Paola Profeta

Year: 2019

A Fistful of Dollars: Rent Seeking Behaviour and Local Tax Manipulation

Working Paper No: 130

Unit: Politics and Institutions

Author(s): Tommaso Giommoni

Year: 2019

Optimal income taxation without single-crossing

Working Paper No: 129

Unit: Welfare State and Taxation

Author(s): Spencer Bastani, Soren Blomquisty, Luca Michelettoz

Year: 2019

The introduction of ‘No jab, No school’ policy and the refinement of measles immunisation strategies in high-income countries

Working Paper No: 128

Unit: Population Dynamics and Health

Author(s): Filippo Trentini, Piero Poletti, Alessia Melegaro, Stefano Merler

Year: 2019

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